Sticker Application Guide

Our stickers are made up of atleast 3 layers, Backing layer (removed to reveal sticky surface), Coloured Vinyl Area of the Actual Sticker, and Top Applcation Tape layer to ease transfer and application of the vinyl to surface to then be removed. 

When stickers are posted we recommend they are left in room temprature areas for a few hours before attempting to apply as the vinyl/application can change, due to various tempratures and conditions the items go threw while in the postage system

  1. Thoughly clean the area you wish to apply the sticker to, making sure its free from wax, and polish to ensure longevity of the application
  2. Run vinyl squeegee (Or the palm of your hand) over the sticker to release any air created while in transport
  3. For large stickers we recommend taping the centre line of the sticker allowing you to locate the middle of the area if desired (windscreen stickers etc)
  4. Peel back Application tape making sure all the vinyl has stuck to the tape and leaving none behind on the backing, For large stickers we recommend doing half of the sticker while its taped to the location
  5. Working out from the centre, squeegee across the vinyl to the edges to ensure the vinyl sticks. 
  6. Remove centre line tape, and then remove the rest of the backing from the other side ensuring all vinyl sticks to the tape, and squeegee out. 
  7. Squeegee across the application tape once again completely and remove application tape. If the areas arent free from polish and waxes etc, sometimes the vinyl may stick to the application tape, we recommend leaving the sticker with the tape applied for 20-30mins and try again or lightly heat the area with a heat gun/hair dryer, applying pressure to the sticker areas while peeling back the application tape.

Small air bubbles will eventually work themselves free, we use quality vinyls that have air release in them help with ease of installation, larger bubbles may need to be pricked with a pin etc

We recommend to aid in the longevity of the sticker not to wash the area and avoid contact (i.e window wipers) over night. 

Wet application can also be used if required, though will take longer to full set and adhere to the surface. Apply a few sprays of a light soapy water mix to the the area when you remove the backing paper and squeegee all the air and water mix out, and use a heatgun/hair dryer to dry out any remaining reside

We also offer a fitting service at our unit, weather your ordering for collection or have your order already shipped to you and you realised you need some help installing we can help, get in contact and book in. 

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