Automotive Services

Not only do we offer a range of business services and graphics but we also supply a wide range of vehicle services also.

  • Headlight & Tail Light Tinting

    We can offer Light Tinting on all vehcile light types. Headlights, Tail Lights, Fog Lights, Indicators etc. Available in a range of colours (we are not responsible for any road legalities)

    • Light Smoke
    • Medium Smoke
    • Dark Smoke
    • Dark Smoke (Matt)
    • Light Blue
    • Sky Blue
    • Purple
    • Pink
    • Red
    • Green
    • Yellow
    • Yellow Flourescent
    • Orange
  • Number Plates

    We can offer a range of vehicle number plates, and Display Plates

    • Standard Plates
    • 3d Gel
    • 4D Acrylic
    • Show Plates
  • Car Stickers

    We can supply a wide range of vinyl stickers for your car, custom designs and sizes. We have a small number of stickers & designs listed in our shop but we have many many more on file and made to what ever size you require.

  • Vinyl Wrap

    We are able to offer Vinyl Wrap Services on Panel Basis currently. Roof wraps, Trim Wrap, Panel Wraps, and interior sections.

  • Liveries

    We can offer all types of vehicle graphics and install them if required. Full liveries and wrap designs or simple sticker kits

  • Stripe Kits

    We can Supply and install various and custom stripe kits for sides or over vehicle kits

  • Wheel Centres

    We can offer Gel Wheel badges to suit your wheels. Rare wheels and cant find replacement centres? get intouch we can remake them with vinyl and gels.

  • Valeting

    We offer a wide range of valeting packages, from safe washs to Full Valets. click below for more info.

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  • Detailing

    We offer a wide range of Detailing Packages from Enhancements to Ceramic Coatings, Click Below for more info.

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