Automotive Services

Not only do we offer a range of business services and graphics but we also supply a wide range of vehicle services also.

  • Headlight & Tail Light Tinting

    We can offer Light Tinting on all vehcile light types. Headlights, Tail Lights, Fog Lights, Indicators etc. Available in a range of colours (we are not responsible for any road legalities)

    • Light Smoke
    • Medium Smoke
    • Dark Smoke
    • Dark Smoke (Matt)
    • Light Blue
    • Sky Blue
    • Purple
    • Pink
    • Red
    • Green
    • Yellow
    • Yellow Flourescent
    • Orange
  • Number Plates

    We can offer a range of vehicle number plates, and Display Plates

    • Standard Plates
    • Metro Plates
    • 3d Gel Standard
    • 3d Gel Metro
    • Standard Sized
    • Oversized
    • Tinted
    • Show Plates
  • Car Stickers

    We can supply a wide range of vinyl stickers for your car, custom designs and sizes. We have a small number of stickers & designs listed in our shop but we have many many more on file and made to what ever size you require.

  • Vinyl Wrap

    We are able to offer Vinyl Wrap Services on Panel Basis currently. Roof wraps, Trim Wrap, Panel Wraps, and interior sections.

  • Liveries

    We can offer all types of vehicle graphics and install them if required. Full liveries and wrap designs or simple sticker kits

  • Stripe Kits

    We can Supply and install various and custom stripe kits for sides or over vehicle kits

  • Wheel Centres

    We can offer Gel Wheel badges to suit your wheels. Rare wheels and cant find replacement centres? get intouch we can remake them with vinyl and gels.

  • Valeting

    We offer a wide range of valeting packages, from safe washs to Full Valets. click below for more info.

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  • Detailing

    We offer a wide range of Detailing Packages from Enhancements to Ceramic Coatings, Click Below for more info.

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  • Detailing Supplies

    We can supply a range of detailing supplies to help you maintain your pride and joy. Many of the Autobead range and some accessories, we have some other brands and able to supply some others if requested.

  • Styling & Accessories

    We can supply and fit a wide range of vechile styling kits, and accessories, to add to your vehicle. Lip kit, Spoilers, Grills, Vents, Wind deflectors, defusers and much more.

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