Valeting Services

We can offer a wide range of standard Valeting Services for all types of vehicles ranging from basic maintance wash, Mini Valets, Full Valets and everything in between. Click below to check out our Detailing Page for our detailed cleaning & Paint Correction services.

Once you have confirmed booking with us, we ask you to promptly pay our £50 booking fee below to confirm your slot (other payment menthods are available)

  • Safe Wash

    • Pre Clean
    • Alloys Cleaned
    • Arches FlusheD
    • 2 Bucket Method Wash
    • Car Dried
    • Glass Cleaned
    • Tyres Cleaned
    From £10 
  • Mini Valet

    As Per Safe Wash Process Plus:

    • Interior Litter removed
    • Fabrics & Carpets Hoovered
    • Plastics/leather wiped clean
    • Interior & Exterior Glass
    From £30 
  • Full Valet

    As Per Mini Valet Process Plus:

    • Body Decontamination Tar/Fallout
    • Hand Polish/Wax
    • Trims Dressed
    • Interior Fabrics & Carpets Shampoo'd
    • All Plastics & Leathers Deep Cleaned
    From £80 
  • Re-Sale Valet

    Get the best price when selling your car by adding our Popular Re-Sale Package. Having your car presented well can make it stand out from the crowd and add Thousands on the price, at a fraction of a cost over the benefits.

    Includes As Per Full Valet Plus:

    • Light Machine with AIO Polish adding gloss and Filling in some minor imperfections (This does not guarantee, any level of improvements, some cars may require correction, this is aimed for increased gloss/shine)

    This package is ideal for when selling a car, or having recently purchased a used car for yourself. Though you dont have to be selling or recenetly purchased a car to avail from this package, we will offer this to all lengths of ownerships.

    From £200