Deposit Fee Addition

Deposit Fee Addition

We now are implementing a deposit to confirm your slot for our service packages. Due to the nature of our business and time slots, one or 2 cancelled jobs in a week can seriously mess with our weeks work. It's not been an issue yet, but bringing it in now as we are filling up slots quickly and hopefully minimise chance or disruption later.

We can collect payment in person or via PayPal, but we have now added the option on our website so you can pay via various methods on the site.

Once a service is discussed and the booking slot is confirmed, we ask you pay promptly as this will secure your spot. Deposit is non refundable unless we are able to refill your slot piror and allocate you a new slot, so be sure to inform us of any changes as soon as possible to give us the chance to reallocate your spot, we understand things can come up and will do our best to work with you to relocate/rearrange your slot.

Obviously, the booking fee will be deducted from the final total price.

We hope everyone understands for this addition, as it will also help serve customers better and help with slots and get genuine jobs quicker.
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